The Best Hairstyles for Mature Woman With Long Hair

Updated February 21, 2017

Short hair has been a fashion staple for older women. In fact, people may believe a mature woman shouldn't have long hair at all. However, that doesn't mean that you have to cut it all off after you reach a certain age. There are a number of long hairstyles suitable for mature women. While it does take a little care, maintaining long hair can be very rewarding, no matter what your age may be.


For daily wear, an updo can be attractive and professional. It also helps protect your hair's delicate ends from sun, abrasion and air pollution. Choose a simple bun or twist that you can put up yourself. Consider any mobility problems before you settle on a style. Your hair will look its best if daily care is simple. Avoid sleek, tight updos with no layers, fringe or other points of interest. If you don't colour your hair, these may make you look more schoolmarm than stylish. Avoid pulling the hair tight when you put it up, since mature women's hair is often more brittle and fragile than that of younger women.

Partial Updos

This style offers several advantages of both loose hair and an updo. Pulling part of the hair up along the sides, and braiding it or placing it in a bun, keeps it out of your face and reduces damage to the upper layers, but enough hair remains loose to avoid an overly-formal feel. Partial updos also decrease the chance of a hairstyle that looks unnaturally youthful.

Long and Loose

Older women can still wear their hair long and loose, though it's best to avoid styles that appear juvenile. Long hair that is all one length or worn with fringe straight across may not seem age appropriate. Instead, consider some light layering and shaping to give your style a slightly more sophisticated look. Curling and straightening irons work to provide body or make the hair look sleek and neat, but use them with caution. As the hair thins and becomes more fragile, it also gets more sensitive to heat. A lower heat setting and shorter curling or ironing time can help you style your hair without damaging it.

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