How to make a quiff ponytail

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The quiff ponytail is an offshoot of the pompadour style popular in the 1950s worn by both men and women. A quiff ponytail has a backcombed puffy crown, the pompadour, and a straight ponytail positioned mid-head.

If your hair is shorter, purchasing a pin-on ponytail allows you to use your own hair for the puffy crown and enjoy the simple, but elegant, look of this hairstyle.

Blow your hair dry. It should be straight or have long loose waves. Curly hair does not adapt well to this style.

Take the front section of your hair from temple to temple, about 2 1/2 inches deep and clip it out of the way. If you have some "stray" hairs or fringe, pin it out of the way for now. It can be curled, pinned back or sprayed later.

Draw the sides of your hair back off your face. Keeping the hair as smooth as possible, put it in a ponytail with a covered band at the crown of your head. Let the back of your hair hang down loosely.

Backcomb the top section heavily, one small section at a time. Use hairspray on each section before and after you backcomb to give it extra hold.

Use a paddle brush to smooth the outer surface of this section. Draw it back to the crown while pushing it forward enough to form the quiff. Be careful not to untangle the backcombed hair during this process.

Pin or wrap the ends of hair hanging down your back around the band covering the base of the ponytail. Continue to smooth back and stray ends and spray them with hairspray until you have the desired effect.