Haircuts for boys with double crowns and thick hair

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For the average man, the hair on their head grows from a single location in the centre (or crown) of the skull. However, for some, the hair grows from two distinctly separate points in the crown area, which is known as a double crown. This can make hair cutting and styling problematic, particularly if the hair is also thick. If the hair is cut too short around the double crown, it's difficult to tame as it will either stick up at different angles or remain flat with the appearance of bald patches. There are various ways to control the problem with a little help from good quality hair styling products and an experienced hairdresser.

Consult your hairdresser

Consult your hairdresser before getting your hair cut and make sure they have experience cutting hair for men with double crowns and thick hair. They should be able to suggest a suitable style for your specific hair growth and texture.

Stick to longer hair styles

Depending on the texture and wave of your hair, the hair can be cut in various ways to neatly cover up the two different growth patterns. The key is to make sure that the layers of hair over the two crowns are long enough so that the hair falls and remains in the direction you want. This will differ depending on whether you have straight, wavy or curly hair. When curly or wavy sections of hair are being cut, they should be held with no tension so as to avoid being too short when released. Always avoid cutting your hair too short.

Maintain with hair styling products

If your hair lies flat in the scalp area, make sure the hair remains long in that area to give it more volume. You can also enhance it with hair styling products. Invest in strong hair gel or root-lifting hairspray to lift the hair and give it more body. Alternatively, if you find your hair sticks out random angles, use hair styling products to flatten it down in the same direction.

If all else fails, shave your head

Shaving your head is another option, especially if your hair is really thick, unruly and difficult to style. Go for a grade 1 or 2 clipper length. Your double crown will be less obvious and you won't need to worry about styling your hair every day.

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