Cow Lick Hairstyles

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A cow lick is a patch of hair that grows in a different direction than the rest of the hair. Usually it's along the top of the hairline and causes the hair there--such as the fringe--to stick up and lie sideways or up and out, instead of lying smooth and flat along with the rest of the hair.

This makes styling hair difficult.

Layered Shag

Whether you're a male or female, if your hair is naturally wavy, curly or even straight, layers in the hair can cause the cow lick to blend in with the rest of the hair more easily. If your hair is allowed to grow to one length and cut bluntly with no layers to break up the texture, the cow lick can cause the hairs to stand up and appear out of place. When there are layers to add movement and volume, the hairs that are standing up blend in more easily as if they are deliberately styled in that fashion.

Side Bangs

Women with cow licks in the front of their hair should stay away from blunt-cut fringe or fringe that are cut to lay straight across the forehead. A cow lick along the top of the hairline would cause strands of hair in the fringe to flip up, which would interrupt the fluid, sleek line of the blunt-cut fringe. Instead, opt for side fringe cut to part on the side of the cow lick. The cow lick would act as a natural line where the fringe begin to lay to the side.

Men with cow licks who want to have slightly long hair could try this tip as well. Simply allow the longer hair to part naturally where the cow lick starts.

Spiked Hair

A man with a cow lick up front will have no problem with a short hairstyle that allows itself to spike up as a hairstyle. Cut the hair as short as a buzz cut or crew cut, or allow it to grow a little longer and use some hair gel or pomade to add texture to the tresses and muss it up on top. The cow lick along the hairline will already cause the hair up front to stick up and not lie down, so instead of fighting it, just go with the flow.