Roman Hairstyles for Kids

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The hairstyles of Roman children often reflected that of Roman men and women. Young girls wore their hair in long, curly ringlets. Like adult women, girls wore elaborate hairpins for special occasions like weddings. Roman boys often sported short hair, following the trend of Julius Caesar's signature cropped style.

You can replicate some of these Roman hairstyles styles for your child's Halloween costume or theatre production, or just for fun.

Simple Ringlets

Roman girls grew their hair long, often past the middle of their back. Curls were particularly popular during this time. To complete this look, carefully wrap 1-inch sections around a curling iron; use a half-inch or 1-inch curling iron to create tighter ringlets. You can also twist face framing curls and secure them near the crown with hair clips. Add a flower wreath to the top of the head to complete this pretty look. Wreaths, created from flowers, laurel, and ivy, often adorned this simple hairstyle. To make curls last longer, set the hair with hairspray.

The Classic Roman Bun

While Roman girls often wore their hair down, they would sometimes knot the hair at the back of the neck. This hairstyle would be often be accompanied by fringe, which could be either straight or curled. To copy this romantic look, curl the hair with a curling iron. Twist the hair into a low bun, chignon, or ponytail. Leave a few soft wisps of hair to frame the face. For embellishment, add a jewelled hairpin or tie a ribbon around the bun.

The Julius Caesar Cut

While boys grew their hair down to their shoulders during early Roman times, Roman Emperor Julius Caesar made his cropped haircut popular among young boys and men. This style featured hair cut short about 1 to 2 inches all over the head. Bangs were cut straight in the front. Even though Julius Caesar's reign dates back to 44 B.C., this hairstyle still remains fashionable today. You might consider this look for your child as a simple, low maintenance alternative to longer lengths.