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Cha-Cha Dancer Hairstyles

Updated April 17, 2017

The cha-cha is one of the sexiest, most upbeat dances in the Latin ballroom category. With its fast-paced movements and sparkling, opulent costumes, it makes sense that Cha-cha hairstyles should feature a certain amount of showmanship as well. Depending on the level of the cha-cha dancer, there are a few options that a dancer has when choosing her hair style.

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The chignon is the hairstyle most commonly associated with cha-cha dancers thanks to its distinction as the hairstyle of choice for all professional, competitive and high level cha-cha performers. A chignon features all the hair pulled to one side of the low neck (under the ear), braided and wound into a doughnut-like shape. Often, the chignon is enhanced with rhinestone hair clips or other decorative accessories. A fair amount of hairspray is required to keep the chignon in place.

Curled Updo

The curled updo is an option for high-level cha-cha dancers who perform regularly but are not professional dancers and do not compete. While many cha-cha dancers choose to visit a hairstylist to ensure the solidity of their updo, you can easily create this style at home as well. First, tease the roots of hair and then curl the bottom. Smooth the top back and away from the face while pinning each curl to the head individually. Cross hair clips, one on top of the other, to ensure the best hold.

High Ponytail

The high ponytail is an option for cha-cha dancers at the recreational or novice level who are putting on a performance or showcase. While it may sound like a rather plain style for such an elaborate dance, there are important differences between your everyday ponytail and a high ponytail for a cha-cha dancer. Firstly, a comb must be used to ensure that absolutely no bumps appear on the top of the head. Also, hair in the ponytail itself must be smooth and is normally pin straight. Attach your ponytail with a very tight elastic and smooth it with serum or finishing cream.

Short Hair Styles

The crucial thing for a cha-cha dancer with short hair to remember is that the most important element of any cha-cha dance hairstyle is keeping hair off of the face. If you have short hair -- above shoulder length -- consider pinning back the top half of hair in a "bump" style with hair clips. Alternatively, scrunch wet hair with curling gel to create waves that flow backwards, away from the face. As a final option, consider investing in a clear, invisible headband which can be worn to keep hair clear of the face but won't interfere with wardrobe choices.

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