How do I Fake a Receding Hairline?

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According to the American Hair Loss Association, two-thirds of all men experience hair loss by age 35, with approximately 25% suffering from thinning hair before age 21.

Androgenetic alopecia, or common male pattern baldness, can affect interpersonal and professional relationships as well as the self-confidence and self-image of hair loss sufferers. A receding hairline occurs at the onset of male pattern baldness.

Try a different haircut or hairstyle. According to, a new haircut best hides a thinning or receding hairline. Ask your barber for a short to medium-length haircut, leaving the hair longer on top of the head to lengthen your hairline. A low buzz cut also helps your hair blend in with receding areas. Avoid comb over hairstyles as these generally draw attention to a receding hairline rather than mask it.

Wear hats. Covering a receding hairline with a baseball cap or other fashionable hat hides thinning or receding hair underneath.

Use hair mousse, volumizers or conditioners. These hair products can help make your hair appear fuller so you can style it over a receding hairline.

Shave your head. recommends going bald once the hair recedes too far back to accommodate any styling options. Many popular actors and athletes such as Bruce Willis and Andre Agassi embrace their receding hairlines by shaving their heads.

Talk to your doctor about hair restoration procedures or treatments, such as Rogaine. If you can't cope with a receding hairline, consider your surgical options. Though costly, hair transplants can cover balding spots and receding hairlines.