How to Draw a Step-by-Step Flamenco Dancer

George Doyle/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Flamenco dancers are known around the world for their grace and beauty. Drawing a flamenco dancer will improve your art skills and is a great way to commemorate the elegance and cultural significance of flamenco dancing.

Drawing a flamenco dancer may seem a little daunting but with a little practice, a pencil and some simple techniques you can be on your way to the picture you want.

Sketch simple lines as guides for the shape of the body. Usually flamenco dancers have a vertical line for the torso and triangular shape for the dress under the torso. Draw two lines from the top of the vertical lines, one going down and one going up, both at angles to represent the arms.

Sketch an oval at the top of the vertical line to represent the head. Sketch an oval for the body and divide the triangle into multiple sections with horizontal lines.

Fill in the detail of the arms by making the area near the body thicker to represent the shoulder muscle. Sketch the part of the arm that will be the wrist as thinner, leading into the hand with lines that converge to represent fingers.

Round out the breasts of the dancer and make the waist thinner. Create a waving line under every horizontal sectional line drawn in the skirts to make them appear like ruffles.

Fill in detail with shading in the areas you need to be the darkest. Shade with the tip of your pencil under the parts of the ruffles that wave upward. Shade with the side of the pencil lead for a softer appearance along the ridges of the breasts and around the muscles of the arms.

Use the tip of the pencil to sketch the sleeves and top of the dress. Add triangular sleeves to create a ruffled effect coming off of the sleeves.

Add detail to the face with ovals for the eyes and shading for the mouth and nose. Bring two small lines from close to the bottom of the oval to the body to create a neck.

Connect any extra lines that are unfinished such as the neck to the arms.