The best hairstyles for high forehead & cowlick

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With so many hairstyles to choose from, it's possible to find something to suit any face shape, skin tone or neck width, or complements any "problem" areas. While cowlicks are often thought of as troublesome, the right haircut will work with them instead of against them. High foreheads allow a number of hairstyles that wouldn't be possible with rounded faces or narrow foreheads. In each case, the ideal hairstyle neutralises any trouble spot to create the most balanced overall look.

Softening with Bangs

Most hairdressers would agree, anyone with a high forehead will look good with some style of fringe. Bangs balance out the prominence of a high forehead and nicely frame the eyes. For women to whom classic fringe bring to mind schoolgirls, giving fringe a razored texture will add a light, sophisticated softness. Side-swept fringe are another alternative, which only partially cover the high forehead, keeping the face open while balancing the forehead with other features. Actresses such as Jodie Foster and Katherine Heigl have worn their hair with soft, side-swept fringe to complement their regally high foreheads.

Balancing the Face

In addition to fringe, long-layered hairstyles nicely complement high foreheads. Adding volume to the sides of the face evens out the overall shape. For a long-layered hairstyle, ask your stylist to cut with soft layers, and then style them into loose waves with either curlers or a curling iron. The ideal length for the hairstyle will depend chiefly upon the shape of the face. Typically, a high forehead will go with a long and narrow face, making close-cropped styles generally unsuitable, as they draw attention upward. Medium lengths work well, adding some fullness. Layers add softness to the potentially angular lines of a long face. Side parts can also complement a high forehead, gracefully draping across it.

Fixing Cowlicks

Cowlicks frequently pop up near the forehead, the nape of the neck or the very crown of the head. They present themselves as unruly tufts of hair that never, seemingly, go along with the lay of a hairstyle. However, even supermodel Claudia Schiffer has spoken of having two cowlicks, and has managed to find hairstyles that work with them. For cowlicks at the hairline, by the forehead or temples, short, shaped fringe may keep the tufts from sticking out of place. Heavy, mod-style fringe can also work well with cowlicks, holding them down under sheer weight. Styling creams or straightening gels can also help subdue cowlicks, especially when applied together with a hot blow dryer.

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