Hairstyles for Long Noses

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Because few women have a perfect face, many search for hairstyles that enhance their looks, as well as minimise facial flaws such as a long or large nose. There are plenty of hairstyles that work for women with long noses. However, it's important to stay away from styles that draw attention to problem areas.


A style adjustment to your fringe is a quick fix for balancing out facial features. Bangs of all lengths and styles are renonwned for adding an extra element of style to the hair while working to disguise or minimise the appearance of facial flaws. Keep the cut soft and feathery for best results; this will give the face dimension and added depth while distracting viewers from undesirable characteristics. Sideswept fringe are especially ideal for women with prominent noses. Sideswept fringe should be kept fairly long for best results, reaching at least the top of the cheekbone. This elongates and slenderises the entire face in order to make the nose appear more proportionate.

Layered Styles

Layered hair of almost any length is ideal for disguising areas of the face you don't want to draw attention to. Layers not only give your face a softer look but also assist in creating a visually interesting style that will draw attention away from the face. Use highlights and lowlights in layered styles for extra dimension.

Asymmetrical Styles

Asymmetrical styles often work wonders for women with prominent features such as a long nose. Try out an asymmetrical bob where one side of the hair is long and the other short. Sharp, angular cuts give structure to the hair and face area and the added element of differing lengths detracts attention from the nose to the sides of the face and head. This is also accomplished by angling or cutting the fringe into different lengths. For instance fringe that end just above the right eye but angle downward to fully or partially cover the left (or vice-versa).

Styling Tips

Hairstyles that feature large curls, waves or volume in general often add to the look of a long or prominent nose due to the increased volume. When working to minimise prominent features it's important to keep the hair frizz-free, sleek and smooth. Most hairstylists recommend styling the hair in a way that it's brushed back off the face or, of course, using full or sideswept fringe no matter the cut. This keeps the sides of the face looking more broad, thus minimising the focus of a large nose and making the face more aesthetic and balanced.

Styles to Avoid

Avoid short hairstyles such as crops, buzzes and pixie cuts. Extremely short haircuts look best on women with small stature and facial features since having no hair around the face turns the face (and nose) into a focal point. Also, stay away from styles that lend to a flat, one-dimensional look such as those with no layers. There's a big difference between sleek and lifeless, so choose your style wisely and don't be afraid to experiment.