Czech Hairstyles

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Hairstyles in Czech Republic range from totally outrageous to plain and lovely. As the centre of Czech Republic's fashion, culture and entertainment, Prague showcases the widest array of men's and women's hairstyles and salons.

If you want to model a hairstyle from this Eastern European city, decide whether to go edgy and punk, voluminous and model-like, or simple and clean, as men and women tend to lean toward one of these three hairstyle choices.

Red Dye & Highlights

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Because Czech women and men generally have darker hair, dying and highlighting hair adds flair to a style. Dying dark hair a deep red, almost red-purple shade, is a trend for Czech women. Short, angular hairstyles show off the hints of red dye, as do as tightly pinned up-dos. Some women with a fringe, or bangs, like to highlight only the fringe for a funky effect.

Choppy & Angular

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Czech men and women enjoy expressive hairstyles. The choppy, angled, side part works well on men and women with smaller faces who want to draw attention to the lips and eyes. Men let their hair grow a bit longer, just below the eyes. Hairstylists then sweep the front of the hairlike fringe or a fringe--to either the right or left side, partially covering an eye.

Women go for a similar style, but can make the hair smooth or curled. Women also highlight the tips of the hair for effect. As of 2010, the asymmetrical look--with one side of the hair longer than the other--is another noticeable Czech hairstyle trend.

Long & Voluptuous

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Women in Prague especially tend to grow their hair long and wear it down, past the shoulders. When creating a style, Czechs cut a fringe and create a voluminous style that adds more body to fine, silky hair. Women with curly hair wear the curls tight, like a crimped style, and let it fall wild to the shoulders.

Czech men also wear long hair styles. Either wearing the hair to the shoulders or just below the ears, some men gel their hair to either a stiffer or silkier look.