Hairstyles for Convex Face Shapes

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Selecting the right hairstyle combines art, human anatomy and flair into a personal fashion. A convex or round face is a common type, and a simple one to accent with the right hairstyle. The criteria of a round face includes fullness around the cheekbones, a wide hairline, and a less-prominent chin with a short neck. Actresses Catherine Zeta Jones, Cameron Diaz, and Amy Adams wear hairstyles that complement their round-face features into stunning looks.

Long Hair

Long hair is one of the best styles for a round face. Shoulder length or longer hair works well when cut in layers. Bring the hair forward around the face to frame it from the forehead down to the chin line. This style makes the face appear longer, and diminishes the full cheeks and hides a short neck.

Short Hair

Short hair with tapered or layered fringe that soften the forehead flatters a round face. Keep the hair short on the sides, behind or above the ears. The hair in the back should also be kept short, and not extend past the chin line. Do not cut the fringe straight across the forehead as in a pageboy look. It works better for an oval-shaped face.

Up Do

Add height on top of the head with a hairstyle called an "up do." Longer hair that is past the shoulders works best. The hair is held in place with clips, but do not tie it in a bun or ponytail. An up do redirects the focus from a round face to the top of the head, and slenderises the cheeks and chin. Since the hair is off the face, it is a great time to accentuate the eyes with shadow and lashes.


Medium-length hair that is parted in the middle, and extended on the sides past the chin is an excellent style for a round face. Adding highlights makes the hair look longer, and breaks up the solid colour. Experiment with bronzes that add a glimmer, too. This style with streaks makes the face appear thinner.

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