How to Remove a Cowlick from Hair

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Cowlicks are the source of bad hair days for many who suffer from this unruly tuft of hair that won't seem to lie flat. Cowlicks can be located at any point on the head. Cowlicks can't be permanently removed, but you can do a few tricks with your hair to make them less noticeable.

Use styling products. If you have a short haircut, place a dollop of pomade or hair gel into your hand. Rub your hands together and run your fingers through your hair from the root outward to spike your hair to help blend the cowlick with the rest of your hair.

Cut fringe. Comb the hair at the top of your head forward. Using your fingers or a comb, measure the length of your hair to slightly above your eyebrows. Cut fringe straight across your forehead.

Curl your hair. If you have longer hair, section your hair into pieces and roll each piece onto a foam hair curler, including the area of hair afflicted by the cowlick. Spray each roller with hairspray to set the curl. Leave your hair in curlers for six to eight hours. Remove the rollers after this time.

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