How to Fix Overly Thick Bangs

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The way you wear your fringe can completely transform your whole look. Blunt, one-length fringe can create a bold, dramatic effect, while textured fringe can disguise thick or fine hair types and soften features. If you have thick hair, layering techniques can thin out and tame your fringe.

The easiest way to remove excess bulk and weight from hair without taking length off the ends is with thinning sheers. Thinning shears -- sometimes referred to as thinning scissors or blending shears -- look like normal scissors, but have jagged blades that cut random strands of hair with each snip.

Wash your hair and allow to dry completely.

Comb the fringe forward so they lie smooth over the face. Tie or clip the rest of the hair out of the way.

Open the thinning sheers and slide them along a small segment of hair at one side of the fringe, between one-third and halfway down the length of the hair.

Snip the hair once.

Open and remove the shears carefully to avoid snagging the hair.

Comb the snipped segment to remove the loose hair.

Continue to snip small segments of hair in this way, working along the entire width of the fringe.

Comb the fringe through to check the layers.