Haircuts that look good on women over 50

Women over 50 face a number of age-related issues when it comes to their hair type and style. Hair tends to become dry and limp and might start thinning. Wrinkles on the face are more obvious, making certain hairstyles unflattering. Skin discolouration might mean that your normal hair colour no longer suits you. Even so, many haircuts and styles look good on women over 50.

Short Cut

A short bob cut might be the answer for women over 50 suffering from limp, thinning hair. Choosing a short hair cut can divert attention away from your thinning hair to your face, making the problem less noticeable at first glance. For women over 50 with thick, textured hair, a short haircut with razored edges and multiple layers is a good choice. Textured layers can keep the cut fun and modern while being easy to style.


A longer haircut with layers can frame the face, softening the facial features. A woman over 50 can use this style to detract attention from wrinkles or a drooping jawline. Older women can use this haircut to create an instant lift to the face by using volumizing products to style the layers up and away from the face. This can have the effect of a slight facelift.

Mid-Length Curls

If you have naturally curly hair, play it up by getting a mid-length haircut that lands just above your shoulders or shorter. An older look than longer curly hair, this is an easy-to-manage haircut that suits many women over 50. A short- to mid-length hairstyle can also divert attention away from an ageing neckline, softening the neck and shoulder areas or shortening a longer neckline.

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