Haircuts for women with short, curly grey h

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Certain haircuts work best with certain types of hair. If you have curly hair, having a short hair style can help draw attention to your curls. Your face frame will also dictate which styles work best for you. However, short, curly grey hair can offer a polished look on most women.

Straight Bob

Even if you have curly grey hair, you can opt for a straight or blunt bob haircut. Even though your hair is curly, the straight edges across the bottom of the bob create a sleek look. This hair style can be cut to any length, ranging from brushing against the tops of shoulders to ending just below the ear lobe. This cut works well when tousled with styling cream and smoothed down with polishing serum to keep flyaway greys under control.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is the short hair style which involves plenty of layers. For short, curly grey hair you will need to work around the natural curl of your hair and how it rests against your head. Basics of the pixie cut typically include hair cut out around ears and longer hair on top. When this cut is used with curly hair, you can tousle the curls on top and smooth down the shortest hairs to create a look that provides some height to the hair style.

Angled Bob

Similar to a blunt-cut bob, an angled bob offers a different style option for short hair. Hair is cut shorter in the back and then angles to longer lengths towards the front of the face. Using this cut for curly grey hair will give your look a modern appeal. This style can be changed by the use of different tools and hair products. A thin barrel curling iron and curl defining spray can give you a curly bob. Using a flat iron and straightening spray can produce an angled bob which is sleek, polished and dramatic.


Close-cropped hair cuts, those where all the hair is trimmed to a length of one-quarter to one-half inch in length, is one option to truly highlight your grey and curly hair. This look works best on those with strong facial ,as attention is drawn to your face. One other way this style works is if you wear glasses, preferably fashionable ones that also draw attention. To make the most of this cut, use a polishing or shine serum to keep the short curls under control.

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