Medium length hairstyles for older women

Updated April 17, 2017

Medium length hair falls beneath the jaw line resting lightly on the shoulders. It's an attractive style for older women, because of its simplicity and clean lines. Since it's neither long nor short, a more youthful look is achieved without additional time spent on upkeep. This makes the hairstyle stylish and suitable for a variety of occasions. Also, if you need a quick do, pull it back in a ponytail and you're out the door.

Blunt Cut with Highlights

A blunt mid-length cut is a striking style for women forty and beyond. The addition of shimmering highlights will soften this classic do, adding a natural appeal to the facial features that is both contemporary and youthful. The blunt cut, because of its sharp lines, naturally creates attention and causes a stir. A style like this tells others that this woman still cares about her appearance and isn't afraid to try something new. In addition, medium-length hair with highlights on a mature woman is highly attractive.


A medium-length pageboy is ideal when a classic look is desired without compromising womanliness or professionalism. It is a good style for those who are both socially active and have a career, because it conveys a no-nonsense look that demands minimal maintenance, but at the same time signals your personal power. To update your look, get the cut with fully-trimmed or ragged fringe. This elegant style is suitable for the older woman who desires that her forehead remained covered.

Curly Bob

The medium length curly Bob is worn off the face, barely touches the shoulders and exposes the ears. It is especially appealing on mature women who wish to accentuate or show off their forehead. This mid-length hair fashion gives a contemporary look to the older woman who wants to make a bold statement that she is still active. If you want this look, but natural curls aren't part of your genetic make-up, don't let that stop you. A trip to a stylist for a perm will give you the look that you desire.

Medium-Length Lightened Hair

When hair starts to turn grey, visit a hair salon for a professional cut and colour consultation. Rather than cover grey hair, add silver or lighten it with a rinse. Either treatment will add softness to the face, which gives a woman a more youthful appearance. Silver or lighter locks are an attractive style for any woman over fifty. Make sure not to attempt this look at home. Instead, visit a well-trained hair colourist who is skilled at matching colour with skin tones. Next, talk to a cutting expert for a mid-length trim.

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