The Best Hairstyles for the Courtroom

young lawyer image by Alexey Stiop from

When it comes to the many people who have jobs to perform in the courtroom, so much depends on how they look. Juries, judges and other members of the court are constantly evaluating the appearance of each person. When you're in the courtroom you need to look as professional, experienced and honest as possible.

Short and Simple

For men and women alike, an accepted hairstyle for the courtroom is extremely basic and not very glamorous: an extremely short, cropped hairstyle with a few light strands of sideswept fringe. This look is very "honest"--you are concealing no part of your face nor are you hiding behind thick fringe or long locks. This look is so simple that it signifies a no-frills attitude of getting down to work.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder-length hair framing the face is an appropriate and classic style for women in the courtroom. It's sleek, feminine, yet strongly evocative of business and corporate culture, looking great with a suit. The style signifies a womanly quality and yet a great deal of professionalism. Wrap shoulder-length hair around large rollers and set for around 15 to 20 minutes, remove from rollers and spray with hairspray. Brush out the curls in a way that they loop around your face. This is a fitting look for lawyers, as the hair spotlights and draws attention to your face.

Pulled Back

A traditional and popular hairstyle for female professionals who work in the courtroom is to pull the hair back. A ponytail is acceptable, even though it is a very youthful style and in the courtroom you want to give the appearance of experience and wisdom. To get around this, secure the ponytail with a ceramic or metallic clip as opposed to a hair elastic. For a more sophisticated look, create a chignon, by tucking the ends of the ponytail underneath the clip. To add texture to the chignon, braid the ponytail before you tuck it underneath the hair. For a very severe and austere look, twist the hair and coil it around the ponytail to create a bun. Pin or clip it in place. Always lightly spray the hair with hairspray to further secure the style.