How to put up long hair styles

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Long hair is one of the most versatile styles to arrange. With a few tools and a little imagination, the possibilities are almost limitless.You can create a different simple style for everyday wear, and elaborate, beautiful styles that will make you stand out in any semiformal or formal occasion.

Wash and condition your hair. Rinse your hair thoroughly and towel dry. Brush your hair so that it is straight. Using a hairgrip, part your hair down the middle from the front to back. Braid both sides in two tight pigtails that begin at the base of the neck and extend downward. Secure each braid with a hair elastic.

Take your right-side braid and tuck the end under the base of the left-side braid so that the end goes under the left-side braid base into the hair about 2.5 cm (1 inch), resting on the scalp. Grip the end of the braid to the base of the left-side braid with a hair clip. Grip the right-side braid to the left-side braid 5 cm (2 inches) down from the base of the left-side braid, this time using a hairgrip. Repeat with the end of the left-side braid, pinning it to the base of the right-side braid and pinning the left-side braid to the right-side braid 5 cm (2 inches) from its base.

Wet your hair and towel dry. Brush your hair straight. Using a hairgrip, draw a small part on each side of your head so that there is a line of hair falling in front of each of your ears. Pull each of these strands back and braid them, fastening each with a hair elastic. Allow each braid to rest at the sides of your face.

Gather up the rest of your hair in a ponytail, and secure with an elastic. Braid the tail and secure with another elastic. Pin up this braid in a bun with hair clips. Take your right-side small braid and wrap it around your bun, pinning it in place with hairgrips. Repeat with the left-hand side braid.

Brush out dry hair to create a french twist. Wet a brush and run it through your hair to give it just a little bit more control. Brush the hair straight. Gather your hair at the base of your neck and begin to twist it to the left. Twist your hair until the tail has created a cord and your hair is rolling on your head toward the left. Twist the hair until the tail bends upward at the base of the neck. Tuck the tail under the roll of hair and grip it in place. Pin the roll of the hair around the tucked-in tail. Secure with hairspray.

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