How to Put Curlers in Men's Hair

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Do not allow your gender to determine how you style your hair. If you want curls, you should have them regardless of whether you are male or female. Men have the same options for curling their hair as women and one of the easiest ways to curl hair has always been to use curlers. Put curlers in men's hair to create attractive curls that will last all day.

Spray your hair with the spray bottle to dampen your hair evenly and thoroughly.

Place a small dollop of styling gel into the palm of your hand and rub your hands together several times. Apply the styling gel to your damp hair, spreading the gel evenly from your roots to the tips of your hair.

Comb through your hair with the comb to remove every tangle. Use the comb to part your hair in the usual place.

Clip back half of your hair (on the left side of the part) to hold it out of the way.

Separate a small section of hair just above your forehead, perpendicular to your part on the right side. Make this section approximately 1-inch thick. Comb the section straight up and hold it there then position a curler behind the hair section at the ends.

Roll the section of hair around the curler (away from your face). Continue rolling until the curler lies snugly against your scalp. Secure the curler with a curler cover or a clip (depending upon the style of the curler).

Repeat steps 5 and 6 to make more hair sections of the same size and roll each section on the right side of the part, working your way down the sides and back of your hair.

Unclip the hair on the left side of the part and repeat steps 5 through 7 to roll the other half of your hair.

Allow your hair to dry completely in the curlers.

Spray your hair lightly with the hairspray when it is completely dry but before you remove the curlers.

Remove the curlers and use your fingers to fluff and "finger-comb" your hair. Add another spray of hairspray to set the style.

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