Hairstyles for the over-50 woman

Written by yvonne van damme | 13/05/2017
Hairstyles for the over-50 woman
Short hair is one of several options for women over 50. (woman outdoor image by jeancliclac from

As you get older, your hair may become thin and fine. Even if that isn't the case, certain hairstyles tend to be more flattering for older faces than others. Women often cut their hair short as they age to keep it healthy and because they think it is flattering. While that can be true, other styles are also options, especially those that use layers to frame the face and bring the focus up, instead of dragging the face down.


One hairstyle that works for the over-50 woman is a deconstructed shag hairstyle. This can be worn in various lengths, with hair from about mid-neck to just past the shoulders. This hairstyle is undefined and not overstyled. Cut layers into the hair so that it's piecey. Add side-swept fringe and sides, Use a hairdryer to flip out the ends of your hair when styling it. This will put the focus on your cheekbones, which is a youthful look.

Short Bob

A short bob is perfect for drier thinning hair. This style works well as it diverts attention to the face and also makes your hair appear thicker and healthier. Cut side swept fringe into your short bob. This hairstyle is ideal for an over-50 woman as it seems to lifts the jaw line and the fringe cover a less-than-smooth forehead.

Shoulder Length

Shoulder-length hair is versatile for just about all hair types. Standard fringe and layers soften up the look. Layers are often advisable in shoulder length hair if you are over 50. Wearing hair a bit shorter around your face will soften facial features. Another way to style the layers is away from your face using a round brush and a blow dryer.


A hairstyle that works for over-50 women is one in which the hair is short underneath and longer on top. This is ideal for women who still have thick hair, as it reduces the weight and provides volume. You can choose short or long versions of this hairstyle. Vary your looks by styling it so that it is sleek or wavy and full.

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