Hairstyles for women 50 & older with fine hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Thinning hair can be tough to deal with, no matter what age you are. Finding a mature hairstyle that provides volume to thinning hair can be even tougher. Layered, short cuts give both volume and lift to any hair texture.

The Bob

A flattering cut for mature women with thinning hair is the bob. The bob haircut has a lot of variations and you can choose one that best suits your facial shape. Typically the rule is women with a fuller face will look better in longer bob haircuts, while women with a more narrow face will look better with shorter bob haircuts. These haircuts help to make thin hair appear fuller since there is less weight on the hair overall due to the short cut.

The Chop

The chop is a hairstyle that is the length of a bob, but the ends are not the same. The ends have differing angles, giving you a more layered appearance toward the bottom of the hair. This haircut will give you a lot of volume to play with due to it making your hair so light weight.

The Cap Cut

This haircut is for women who have an oval-shaped face. The cut is full of fringe and has enough layering to give your hair a lot of body without making it too short. Be sure to ask your hair styling professional if this cut is good for your face shape, as it is not flattering on everyone.

Layered Medium Length

Layering your hair almost always gives it the appearance of more volume and body. If you don't want your hair cut too short, this may be an option. The medium length nearly always has the longest layer falling just below the shoulder. The angle of the layers moves forward along the side. This gives the illusion that you have more hair than you actually do at the crown of the head since the pieces are shorter toward the back.

Build Your Own Volume

Do you like your style but just want more volume? There are plenty of ways to achieve this. Try using different root-lifting and volume-pumping products with collagen. These products spray onto wet or damp hair. Most of the products have a collagen bond, which attaches to your hair and actually plumps up each strand. The collagen bond is water-soluble, so it will wash off when you shampoo your hair.

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