Hairstyles for Those Over 40 With a Small Face

Updated February 21, 2017

An attractive hairstyle is a personal statement. Hair styles are often used to signal social, ethnic and cultural identity. Heredity and biology make every man's and woman's hair unique; body size, facial shape, skin colouring and age also factor into determining the most flattering hair style. Men and women in their forties seek a hairstyle that flatters the face, complements the texture and colour of the hair and suits their lifestyle. A sexy hairstyle that is easy to wear, simple to style and can be changed slightly to adapt to different occasions is liberating. A hair makeover gives you a great new look and bolsters self esteem.

Short Hair Flatters A Small Face

A short, wispy hairstyle with body and height is well suited to the small-faced woman. Short hair (chin length or shorter) opens up the face and draws attention to the eyes. If your eyes are one of your best features, play them up rather than dragging down your features with long hair. A short haircut can reflect your personal style and be worn with ease. A short pixie crop, worn tousled, conveys a youthful, casual confidence admired in middle-aged women. Men with slender, narrow or small faces are flattered by short hair treated with products that encourage volume.

When short hair is cut in graduated layers, it rounds into a delicate, flattering halo; you can style side tendrils as desired, or brush them back away from the face for a windblown, casual look. A short hairstyle on a woman can be funky and trendy, short and sassy or sleek and sophisticated. Find pictures of a favourite style, print it out and take it to your hair stylist. Choose a short hair cut that creates a natural symmetry between your face and hair and balances your facial features.

Medium Hair Length Styles

Often women considering a short hair style are unsure of what type of style or look they seek to achieve. Perhaps you are anxious about the dramatic change of going from long to short. Choose a medium length layered away from the face. Experiment with fringe or long sides and a tapered neckline. A bob style with long sides and a short tapered neckline elongates the neck and provides a classic, timeless, easy to maintain cut. Many women choose the medium shag, a very trendy hairstyle that allows for many different looks.

Elegant Long Hair

Women often find that growing long, beautiful and healthy hair is a continual challenge. Maintaining long hair in excellent condition requires care and conscious effort. It is impossible to repair severely damaged hair. If your goal is a longer hairstyle, it is imperative that you begin with healthy hair. Invest in a good haircut to even the length of your hair and to remove all split ends and chemically damaged hair. It may be difficult to drastically trim your long locks; however, you will save precious time by removing as much damage as possible from the very beginning. Long, damaged hair is never as attractive as shorter healthy hair.

A straight, one-length blunt cut will make the ends of the hair appear thicker. Trim your hair on a regular basis to prevent breakage and split ends. Damage to the hair shaft will migrate up from the ends, and the best way to encourage growth is to remove damaged hair as soon as it happens. Remember to only brush your hair when it is dry. Hair is at its weakest when wet.

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