The best hairstyles for straight short hair and a fat face

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If you are looking for a hairstyle that will flatter a round or fat face, remember that you want a hairstyle that will make your face look slimmer. Especially for straight hair, a short, layered look can provide movement and break up the roundness of the face. Short hairstyles for round faces shouldn't be too short, though, because too little hair can emphasise the roundness of your face and make your face look unbalanced.

Do You Have a Fat Face?

Fat faces, also called round faces, are as wide as they are long. To determine whether you have a round face shape, you can either trace your face in the mirror with lipstick or measure your face. Measure the width of your face at three points. First, measure the width at the forehead, halfway between your eyebrows and hairline. Then, measure across the top of your cheekbones at the widest point of your face. Finally, measure across your jawline. Next, measure the length of your face from your hairline to your chin. Compare your width measurements and your length measurement. If your face is as wide as it is long, then you have a round face shape.

Short Hairstyles for a Fat Face

For a round or fat face, short hairstyles look best when there are layers breaking up the shape of the face. A short bob with layered fringe and feathery pieces around the cheeks is very slimming on a round face because the layers break up the shape of the face. Straight hair is especially suited for layers because layers give straight hair volume and movement. For very short styles, a pixie cut with long pieces around the ears, neck and forehead can also flatter a round face.

Medium-Short Hairstyles for a Fat Face

If your hair is not quite short enough for a pixie cut or bob, you can also get a flattering hairstyle by using layers. The length of a layered hairstyle that looks best on a round or fat face is between the chin and the neck. The hair should fall forward around the face. For longer straight hair, layered fringe that fall diagonally over the forehead can flatter a round face by breaking up the face shape and providing some visual movement to the hair. Even if your hair is long, getting layers that fall around the face will help your round face look slimmer.

Height Is Important for Round Faces

Another trick for lengthening and slimming a round or fat face is to have a hairstyle with some height. Hair with height elongates the face, making it appear slimmer and changing the shape from round to oval. With straight hair, this means adding volume to the crown of the head with layers or hair products that provide volume. A great cut for women with round or fat faces is a diagonal bob that is short at the back and angles forward to fall between the chin and neck. This hairstyle is cut high in the back and usually adds height and volume to the crown of the head.

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