Hairstyles for Medium to Long Hair

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Hairstyles for medium to long hair provide the versatility of long hair mixed with the convenience of medium length hair. The cuts usually contain layering to achieve a medium and long mix. The layered haircuts require frequent trimming, about every four to six weeks, to keep their shape.

The exact amount of time between trimmings depends on your hairstyle, hair type and hair growth rate.

Angle Layered Hairstyle

Create an extreme angled hairstyle for medium to long hair by cutting the hair in back dramatically shorter than the hair in front. Split the hair into its natural part and cut the hair in back at about shoulder length. The sides should sweep downward to lower-chest length hair in the front. Use a small amount of layering to help add volume and shape to the overall style. Finish the haircut with short, blunt fringe or no fringe.

The angled hairstyle does not work with long faces, chins or foreheads. The long hair around the face creates a dragging effect that will exaggerate any long facial features. The haircut also tends to look terrible on curly hair. The rounded curls blur the sharp and angled lines of the cut, creating an uneven, mop-like appearance.

Blunt Layered Hairstyle

Combine blunt lines and assorted lengths to create a modern layered hairstyle for medium to long hair. Cut the hair at the back of the head in a blunt line about one-third of the way down the back. Cut the hair along the sides of the head is sharp, blunt layers that create an inverted staircase shape as each layer gets shorter and closer to the front of the face. Cut the fringe in a blunt line at about eyebrow length. The blunt cut works for straight or curly hair and all face shapes.

Messy Layered Hairstyle

Medium to long shag hairstyles create a messy look for a casual, punk or rebel style. Cut the hair in back at about mid-back length. Cut the hair in sharp “V” shape with chunky, angled layers. Cut the side hair in chunky, angled layers around shoulder length. Add heavy layering around the face with wisps of hair brushing against the cheek. Use choppy, angled fringe and angled layering around the crown to complete the wild style.

Messy shag hairstyles only work with wavy and straight hair. Curly hair will frizz from the heavy layering and turn into a rat’s nest. The cut looks good on every face shape, except for angular. The sharp lines of the messy layered look make an angular face seem harsh and rigid.

Natural Layered Hairstyle

Use gentle layers and soft lines to create a natural hairstyle for medium to long hair. Cut the back of the hair in an oval at about mid-back length. Gently layer the sides to create an upward arc towards wisps of shoulder-length hair. Add some soft, long, side-swept fringe with a light fringe. The cut tends to look good on any face shape and works with curly or straight hair.