Hairstyles for Fine Hair & Long Faces

Updated March 23, 2017

Long faces tend to be drawn down by some hairstyles. With fine hair, this makes it an even bigger challenge. You must find a hairstyle that adds fullness to the face and the hair. The best hairstyle for this situation not only creates the illusion of thickness, but also draws the attention to the eyes and cheekbones. Layers, highlights, curls and the right fringe do all this for long faces and thin hair.


Bangs are one way to take the attention from the long face and put it around the assets of the face, the eyes. Bangs are perfect for long faces because they cover the forehead and make the face seems not so long. Side-swept fringe, that fall a little over the eyes, are the perfect accessory for the long face. Tease the hair a little bit and add volumizing mousse to thicken the hair a bit so that it doesn't fall flat. A flip side-swept bang adds more fullness to the hair and is very stylish these days; especially with a layered cut.


Layers hide the thinness of fine hair and bring out the best features of a long face. One-length cuts drag down the face and make it seems even longer. Make sure that the first layer starts around the eyes or cheek. Long layers work for fine hair, but not so much with long faces. If wanting long hair with a long face, there needs to be tons of layers starting short along the cheeks and gradually growing longer. Go with an off-centred part and fringe bangs. Layers work well for straight or curly hair. Add highlights or lowlights to thicken out the hair even more. Use styling products made especially for fine hair to hold the style throughout the day so that the hair will fall flat.

Loose, Soft Waves

Loose, falling waves can instantly thicken the hair and fill in the face. Waves add many focal points to the face and make it look shorter. A centred part and no fringe works better with this style. This style can be done on long, medium or short hair.

Use a curling iron or wave iron to get the loose waves. Spray the hair with oil sheen, and stay away from mousse and holding spray, to keep the hair soft and flowing. To maintain the style for several days, pin the hair up and sleep with a satin bonnet. Moisturise the hair twice a day so that the waves don't become frizzy and frayed at the ends.

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