Haircuts for a Man With a Big Forehead

Updated November 21, 2016

If you have a large or wide forehead, you can find haircuts that will flatter you. The key is to use your hair to draw attention away from your forehead. Wear your hair long or short, cut a variety of fringe and play with texture to achieve a more balanced look.


Perhaps the best tool men have for minimising a prominent forehead is fringe. Bangs cover a large forehead and draw attention to the haircut rather than to the forehead. There are endless ways to utilise fringe. Most men can pull off classic straight fringe, which should hang somewhere between the hairline and the eyebrows. Use hair gel and a comb to get straight fringe to hang in place.

For men with curly hair, layer fringe and allow them to curl up in different lengths. This look is masculine and allows you to spend less time fixing your hair. For most curly haircuts with layered fringe, run a little curling gel through your hair while it's damp and allow it to dry naturally.

For a trendy look, wear long, side-swept fringe. These fringe are usually quite thick and are paired with a side part. The fringe start at the part and go to the opposite side, sweeping over the eyes. Keep the rest of your hair long, with the fringe shorter than the rest of the hair, or short, with the fringe longer than the rest of your hair. Most men who wear long, side-swept fringe straighten their hair with a flat iron so that every hair will be in place.


Part your hair on one side or the other, not in the middle. No matter what texture or length your hair is, go with a side part, and allow one side of your hair to fall onto your forehead. This will cover and "break up" your forehead so that the entire forehead won't be seen.


Wear your hair either straight or curly. Wearing your hair straight is best if you want to wear your hair longer, to wear side-swept fringe, or to wear straight fringe. Straight hair can fall onto the forehead, which helps cover it.

If you wear your hair curly, your hair is more likely to have more volume. The more volume you have in your hair, the more the eye will be drawn to your hair and not to your forehead. If you want to wear your hair curly, ask your hairstylist not to thin your hair.

Facial Hair

Pay attention to your facial hair when you're thinking about a new haircut. Growing a moustache, beard or both can help draw the eye down toward your chin, instead of up toward your forehead.

Men with wide or long foreheads should avoid noticeable sideburns, which will draw attention to the forehead. Keep sideburns short and thin, or get rid of them, to keep the eye away from the forehead.

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