Hairstyles for Baby Fine Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Very fine, thin hair is beautiful, but can be challenging to style. Many women find that having this hair texture leaves them with few styling options. Not so. Those with baby-fine hair can enjoy both trendy and classic cuts and styles.

Short Pixie Style

Actresses Sharon Stone and Renee Zellweger both have fine hair and both are famous for their beautiful short styles. Work closely with your stylist to achieve a pixie haircut. Your stylist should avoid using a razor on your hair, since this can cause split ends. Instead, shears used to create chunky layers will give your hair volume. Prior to styling, use a volumizing shampoo and skip conditioner, as it will weigh your tresses down. Use a root-boosting product before blow drying. When dry, rub a light pomade on your hands and create a piece-y texture with your layers.

Lightly Layered and Mid-Length

If you'd like a mid-length and lightly layered style, hair should be at or just below the shoulder. This style needs regular trims to maintain both the layers and the shape. To style this cut, apply volumizing spray at the roots. Flip your head over to blow-dry hair upside down. When hair is almost completely dry, use a round brush to flip layers under--or out! A very light hairspray is all you'll need to finish this style.

Long and Blunt

Yes, it is possible to wear your baby-fine hair in a longer style. The trick here is minimal or no layering--and patience! A good blunt cut will set the stage for growth and fewer awkward spots. Gwyneth Paltrow has fine hair but her classic and simple long style draws attention to the shininess--not the thinness--of her locks. Use a flat paddle brush to smooth strands, and mist a light hairspray when styling.

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