Very Short Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

For ladies with fine hair, going short may be the best hair decision you've made. Fine hair doesn't do well long; length emphasises any sparseness, and hair can get limp, flat, or fly-away. Short hairstyles add the illusion of thickness and give hair wonderful volume. Very short hairstyles, or hairstyles that hit at around the ear line, are incredibly easy to style and look fantastic with fine hair.


Try the most classic of all short cuts: the pixie. Pixies work best on oval or heart-shaped faces, and work even better if your hair has a bit of natural wave.

Ask your stylist to cut your hair short on the back and sides, and a little longer on top to give you freedom to style. Depending on what looks best with your face, you may want to add some wispy fringe. You can wear your pixie cut spiked or tousled, or sleek it down with hair gel for a formal look.

Shaggy Pixie

If you want a little more to play with, or if your old pixie has grown out, consider sporting a shaggy pixie cut. As the name implies, this cut comes with a little extra length and texture.

Ask your stylist to give you texturised, choppy ends, and more length in the back. Leave the top longer, too (but no longer than ear length). Shaggy pixies work best with long, eye-skimming fringe that are swooped to one side.

Sleek, Behind the Ears

For straight-haired women, wear your hair just below ear level with a deep side part. Tuck the sides behind your ears. This hairstyle is easy to style and looks professional and sexy at the same time.

If your hair is stick-straight, you'll need very little styling to complete this look. Just smooth a gloss serum over your strands and tuck your hair behind your ears. If you've got some natural bend, blow-dry it straight with a straightening balm, and finish off the crazy bits with a flat iron.

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