Hairstyles for Women Over 40 Years Old

Updated April 17, 2017

Hitting 40 may make you want to chop your hair off and sport the look that most mature women opt for in their 60s, but remember that times have changed. You're no longer doomed to a helmet head just because you're in your 40s. Regardless of your age, the modern way for every woman to wear her hair is soft and natural.

Short Hair

Short hair is the way to go if you want hair that is fuss-free and easy to work with if you have a hectic lifestyle. To avoid looking too mature for your age, opt for a bob with a deep part or with fringe. In your 40s, hair is still thick enough to come off as sexy and full of movement. Use a thickening agent such as a cream or mousse and blow dry with a round brush to add body to hair. Finish off with a bit of hair serum or glossing cream to add shine.

Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair should move and have serious shine. Side swept fringe and long layers add softness to the face without coming off as juvenile. For every day wear, blow dry hair using a styling cream and a round brush. For evening, try large rollers, which will smooth hair and give it volume that creates a glamorous look. Section hair off using hair clips and roll hair from tip to root, securing with a roller pin. Once your entire head is in rollers, spray with a hairspray and allow to cool. Spray once more with hairspray and give rollers a shot from your blow dryer. Remove rollers and shake hair out for a stunning look that is wearable and appropriate.

Long Hair

Long hair gives you the most room to experiment with hairstyles. Hair should hover just a few inches under the shoulders with regular trims to keep it pristine. Long layers work well to add volume and cut down on the heavy look that very long hair can have. For day, create a deep side or centre part with a fine tooth comb. Gather hair at the nape of the neck and twist before coiling into a low bun. Secure with a few hair clips. This look is chic and easy to pull off. Don't try to pin down every stray hair. The look should be luxe bohemian, so it does not have to be perfect. For an evening spin on this hairstyle, slick hair down with a pomade, for a sleek chignon that works for a black tie event. You can also curl hair as suggested for those with shoulder length hair and pin one side back with a decorative hair clip.

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