Hair styles for women over 60

Updated April 17, 2017

Some women over 60 begin to experience hair that is thinning and lacks lustre. If you're going grey, remember to keep hair moisturised by using a conditioner daily. Gray hair can be brittle and far more coarse than your original hair texture. Many convenient and hair styles for women over 60 years old are shorter because they are easier to manage.

Very Short Hair

Very short hair is a style many women in their 60s like. It's good for those with natural curls or wave in their hair, as the natural volume will give hair extra panache. A simple side part can be chic for every day. For a special occasion, create a deep side part with a fine tooth comb. Use a bit of styling cream to smooth down flyaways, and go back in with a dime-sized amount of pomade. Work this through the hair with your fingers and create texture that looks age appropriate, but still stylish.

Bob Length Hair

Bob length hair works for those with straight hair or hair that boasts waves. Very curly hair will be too tough to manage at this length. Keep the length in line with your cheekbones. Those with straight hair can wear a thin headband in soft metallics like gold and pewter while sporting a side part. If you have wavy hair, simply let hair air dry, or for special events, invest in a diffuser attachment for your blow dryer. Rub styling cream through clean, damp hair and scrunch hair while drying for a fun hair style for women over 60. The result will be full waves that take minimal effort and time.

Shoulder Length Hair

Shoulder length hair allows the most flexibility for the latest hair styles. A low, tight bun or ponytail is always a chic option and works for day or evening. While some mature women shy away from experimenting with fashion and accessories, a deep side part with one side pulled back and secured with a festive barrette is an easy look for a special event. Look for colours and textures that coordinate with your clothing and let the barrette be the statement of the entire look.

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