How Do Dancers Remove Body Hair?

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Whether they're leaping through Swan Lake or popping and locking in the latest music video, dancers are known for their beauty and grace. Because excess body hair can be distracting to an audience, many male and female dancers remove it.


Dancers shave their legs and underarms prior to stage performances. An audience can usually see a dancer's underarms beneath a sleeveless leotard. Dance tights can also stick to hairy legs. Shaving is one of the fastest, easiest ways to remove body hair, but the results are temporary.


Dancers often wax before working on film sets. Because the camera is much closer, the audience is more likely to see stray body hair. Dancers also need to keep their legs smooth for the entire duration of the shoot, which can last over 12 hours. Waxing is more thorough than shaving and the results last longer.


In addition to legs and underarms, dancers need to have a performance-ready face. Dancers remove eyebrow hair by plucking it with tweezers or by waxing.

Laser Treatment

For dancers with hectic rehearsal and performance schedules, it may be easier to receive laser hair removal than to shave, wax and pluck every day. Laser hair removal is expensive, but after several treatments the results are semi-permanent.

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