Advantages and Disadvantages of Thermolysis & Galvanic

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Thermolysis and the galvanic method are processes used in permanent hair removal. To get rid of your unwanted hair you can combine the two processes in a system called the blend method. An electrologist inserts a needle into your hair follicle then sends electricity through it to kill the root of the hair. Thermolysis uses radio frequency energy, while galvanic uses a direct current.


The most common drawback to these techniques is that it can be painful. You should talk to your aesthetician if you are trying to remove hair in sensitive areas to make sure that he or she has undergone proper training to keep the pain to a minimum.

Time Efficient

The main advantage of the blend method is that it is as fast as thermolysis and can kill as many hairs as galvanic. Therefore, you get the benefits of both methods at the same time.

Permanently Stops Hair Growth

After this treatment, your hair will be permanently gone and you will not have to worry about it growing back.

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