How to Thin Out Hair With Normal Scissors

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For many women, trying to tame their thick, unruly locks can be stressful. Thinning the hair is an effective way to reduce bulk and make hair easier to style. Normal scissors, such as kitchen or craft scissors, can be used to cut and style hair providing they are sharp, so thinning your hair at home is an option if you want to save money.

Wash and dry your hair and style it as you normally would.

Place your index fingers just above your temples then run them straight across through the back of your hair until they meet. Lift them up towards the front of your head to bring approximately one third of your hair up into a separate section on top of your head and clip it in place away from the rest. Comb the other two thirds of your hair thoroughly.

Run your fingers through the free section of hair to locate thick areas. Take a 1-inch wide section of hair from a thick area and run the comb through from underneath to 2 inches from the scalp.

Pinch the combed section between the two forefingers of your other hand and remove the comb.

Cut the section of hair above your two fingers at a steep angle to create a short, sharp point of hair two inches long.

Repeat this process through any other thick areas of hair from the free section.

Unclip the top section of hair and brush in with the rest.

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