Short grey hairstyles for women over 50

If your hair is greying, know that grey hair can be gorgeous. Many times as hair turns grey, the texture will also change due to the natural ageing process. According to Prevention magazine, a study by L'Oreal stated that approximately 50 per cent of women who are over 40 years of age are deciding not to colour their greying hair. As hair turns grey, it is important to select an appropriate hair style that will both suit your hair colour and texture as well as compliment your age.

Classic Bob

The classic bob can be a beautiful option for grey hair. This haircut may feature an "undercut" which is a shorter layer underneath the rest of the hair to assist the hair in curling under elegantly. A bob is fairly low-maintenance and easy to style, requiring only a round brush and a blow dryer. A bob can be as short as chin length or as long as shoulder length, allowing you to tie your hair back into a low ponytail for workouts.

Inverted A-line Bob

For hip and fashionable women, the a-line bob is a great option. It brings out the angles of the face. If you have high cheekbones or a sculpted jaw line, this can be an excellent haircut choice. Some a-line bobs vary in the degree of the "angle" that is seen along the sides and back of the haircut (shorter in the back while angling down and getting longer towards the front around the sides of the face). You may add a side-swept bang to soften the look of the haircut.

Low Maintenance Pixie

The short "pixie" haircut was made popular by Jamie Lee Curtis. This short style is very low maintenance and perfect for the woman who wants a very quick, yet stylish hairstyle. A pixie is usually cut with a razor for a highly textured look. Short fringe may be added in the front. Texturising pomade or cream may be added to the style to separate the hair and add style.

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