Cute hairstyles for women over 50

Updated March 23, 2017

Arriving at the middle-aged years brings wonderful opportunities to women in almost every facet of life, including hairstyles. Gone are the days of limited possibilities when it comes to cute hairstyles for women over age 50. Today, if you are over 50, you can choose from numerous attractive, yet simple, options for your hairstyle.


A short, simple bob is an ideal cut for women concerned about dry, limp or thinning hair. If you are self-conscious about your high forehead or new wrinkles, this cut takes attention away from your face, especially if you accent it with side-swept fringe. A bob is also a refreshingly low-maintenance haircut; after you wash your hair, simply blow-dry it.


Women over 50 often style their hair quite close to their faces to hide undesirable evidence of ageing, such as a weaker jaw line or less-than-firm skin on their necks. However, adding short layers in front -- but keeping the back long -- is actually a more effective way of giving your look a youthful touch. Use a round brush to curl up the front layers, out and back toward the face; then curl the long part away from your head. This styling gives the illusion of lift around the jaw and forehead areas.

"Flipped" Hairstyles

Women with short to medium hair can perk up their style with flipped ends -- a style that may not even require a haircut. To achieve this look, part your hair any way you like. Give your hair an uneven or jagged part to make the flipped effect even more flattering. Apply a bit of gel or wax to the ends of your hair and style as preferred. The result is a youthful but classy hairstyle worn by celebrities such as Jane Fonda and Meg Ryan.


The pixie cut is simple, low-maintenance and extremely flattering on many women over 50. The pixie allows for customisation and self-styling, so you're never limited to just one look. Typically, stylists shear pixie cuts around your ears and cut your hair so that the hair on your crown lies relatively flat, but you can also have long layers in this area to create extra volume and body. The most noticeable feature of a pixie cut is its stylish-but-messy arrangement of the hair. Many women style their pixie cuts to look faintly dishevelled to create a carefree, youthful look.

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