Hair Styles for Women Older Than 40

Updated July 18, 2017

Today there is not a big difference between hairstyles for mature women and the trendy hairstyles that are constantly sweeping the fashion and celebrity world. It is no longer assumed that once you reach 40-something, your best days of fashion and style are over. Mature women can wear a variety of hairstyles, depending on personality and preference, providing that they have the hair to support the style. By choosing the appropriate hairstyle, they not only look younger but also feel younger.

Short is Stylish

New techniques and products have enabled hairstylists to create gorgeous short styles for the busy 40-something woman. Pixie haircuts, layered shags and messy short bobs look stylish and can hide thinning hair by texturising, lifting and highlighting. Shorter hairstyles have face-lifting effects, accentuate pretty eyes and can be very feminine. Opt for shorter upper layers to give height to the crown and more body to mature, thin hair. Women with short hair also benefit from low maintenance with minimal styling. With any of these short styles, it is easier to control or allow the silver colour as it begins to appear.

Medium is Manageable

This is a length which most over-40 women prefer due to the versatility, femininity and maintenance level. Women of all ages find the midlength haircut is a great option for various types of hair textures, even thin or brittle. Medium-length hairstyles suitable for women over 40 include the bob--or "pob," for "posh bob" as it is known by celebrities--layered hairstyles, hairstyles with fringe and curly or fringed dos. The medium hair length will allow women to style their tresses differently: curly, wavy, vintage, straight, flipped or updo. Bangs help to hide forehead wrinkles as well as laugh lines. Layering provides height and lift. Razor-cut ends make wrinkles appear less visible. Positioning wisps toward the jawline lifts facial features and creates the illusion of a longer neck.

Long is Lavish

Women over 40 usually avoid long hair, mostly because it is high maintenance. Long hairstyles, however, offers numerous possibilities when it comes to hairstyling. Women can choose long layered, curly, straight or wavy hairstyles. Long hair can be casual or elegant: tied in a bun, strands, a braid, a ponytail or a chignon. Long hair generally requires more time, but it can be stunning if it is lustrous and healthy.

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