Hairstyle Ideas for Petite Women

Petite women face the task of finding a hairstyle that won’t overwhelm their face or their small frame. Generally, they should avoid longer hairstyles because the hair crowds the face and makes them appear smaller. A longer hairstyle can also make women look younger. The key is to find a hairstyle that works with your smaller frame. The style should draw attention to your face without overpowering the rest of your body.

Pixie Cut

A pixie cut is a good choice for petite women who have smaller features. Both Winona Ryder and Victoria Beckham have worn this style in the past. If you have larger facial features or even a single facial feature that’s larger, then you should avoid this style. This also applies to women who have a feature they’d like to hide; if you’re unhappy with your nose or chin, pick another style. The pixie haircut keeps hair short all over and draws attention to your face. Keep your fringe and sweep the hair across your forehead, or go for a punk style, complete with spiky hair all over the top of your head.

Shoulder Length

A shoulder-length hairstyle is the maximum length you should have as a petite woman. Also known as a medium-length hairstyle, this cut places the ends of your hair just at your shoulders. Be careful about using too many hair accessories, including barrettes, which can make you seem younger. Opt for a style that has a slight wave and doesn't look too curly or permed. Both tight, spiral curls and oversized curls can overwhelm your small frame, especially in a shoulder-length style. Add a few highlights, especially around your face, to draw the eye upward and call attention to your face while also giving the appearance of more height.

Chin Length

A chin-length style is the classic hairstyle for petite women. The bob style features hair that gently curls under your chin, and this style is suitable for all facial structures and face types. Layering fringe over your forehead reduces a large or square chin, while a bob with a side part helps fill out a long or skinny face. Keep the style simple, without a lot of accessories that can overpower the simple hairstyle. Avoid going too far above your chin line, as this might make you appear more masculine or young.

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