Hairstyles for Receding Hair & a Square Face

Updated March 23, 2017

Receding hair is a huge concern for men. Not only does a receding hairline make some men self-conscious, it limits the ways the hair can be styled. Fortunately, there are several hairstyles that help to hide thinning or receding hair. Men with a square face shape—a broad forehead and an angular jaw—often have a more difficult time camouflaging baldness, because they have longer hairlines. Luckily, there are hairstyles that can enhance their looks.

The Shave

One strategy for coping with hair loss is to shave it all off. Shaving your head is an effective styling trick: when you shave your head completely, rather than keeping hair on the sides and the back with very little on top, it makes it appear that you got rid of all your hair on purpose. Shaved heads tend to work well with square faces, eliminating the side hair that makes the face look wider.

Short Hair

Short hair is more effective than long hair in camouflaging a receding hairline. Long hair draws attention to the lack of hair in certain areas. This is especially true for men with square faces, who often have longer and wider hairlines and larger areas of thinning hair. Short hair, either slicked back with gel or worn in a buzz-cut style, is a flattering style for the man with a receding hairline and square face. The shorter the hair, the more effective the style will be at hiding the receding hairline.

Longer Hair

Men whose hair loss is less severe have more hair styling options. For these men, longer hair can be an answer, but only in the front, with the rest of the hair cut shorter. Ask your barber to allow the front hair to remain slightly longer. This style can be worn in either loose or styled with gel. Parting the hair in the middle or leaving the hair messy is recommended rather than a side-parting. This hairstyle helps cover the wider receding hairline on men with square-shaped faces.

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