Hairstyles with Emo Bangs

The term "Emo" describes a contemporary fashion trend among adolescents that includes extreme hairstyles, dark make-up and alternative clothing and hair colours. The trademark sign of an Emo haircut is having long fringe swept across the forehead somewhat concealing the eye/s. Whether your hair is long or short or you are male or female, you can find numerous hairstyles with Emo fringe to suit your own personal style.

Short And Smooth

A popular emo hairstyle that is popular mostly among young men--like skater boys and surfers--is a short emo haircut. A bit more subdued than other emo hairstyles the hair is cut in a "bowl" shape and fringed around the face. The top of the hair is kept long with the fringe swept across the forehead. The sides and back are only slightly shorter--just reaching the neck and ear lobes--and combed forward around the face.

Long Bangs With Spiky Crown

Another popular short emo hairstyle with fringe that is worn by boys and girls is spikey layered cut. The hair is cut on short and choppy angles all throughout the crown, back and sides with the longest layers falling just beyond the neck and ears. Use a gel or mouse to spike out the layers and create volume and texture. The top section from the crown is left about 4 to 6 inches long an swept smoothly sideways across the forehead.

Long Layers With Spiky Crown

The spiky crown look can also be incorporated into emo hairstyles with fringe that are of extreme lengths. A signature trend in emo hair designs is to add multiple uneven layers. Leave your fringe long and smooth in front with short and spiky layers graduating to about jaw level on the sides and just past the crown in the back. Allow a thin section at the nape of the neck to grow past your shoulders for an extreme and edgy emo look.


No matter how long, short, subdued or extreme your emo hairstyle with fringe may be, you can appropriately enhance it with colour and highlight ideas. For a traditional surfer boy style, try a short emo haircut with subtle blond highlights. Short spiky emo cuts often look trendy with streaks of unnatural colours--like blue, purple, green or pink--distributed throughout the spikes. Long emo haircuts are popularly worn with peek-a-boo colour designs like black layers underneath blond hair or vice-verse.

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