Hairstyles for small foreheads

Updated February 21, 2017

Having a small forehead can make some people feel very self conscious about their face shape. Thankfully, there are certain looks and styles you can try with your hair, that may ease the discomfort of having a small forehead. If you want to take the focus away from it, learn some hairstyles to make yourself a little less self-conscious, and a lot more self-confident.

Short Bangs

One style trick you can try is rocking baby, or pixie cut, fringe. Pixie fringe are very short fringe that lie at the very top of your forehead, but not too far down, say only an inch or two. These shorter fringe actually display your forehead, but stop high up above brows. elongating the forehead and giving the illusion that you have more than you really do. This style works for both long and short hair and requires minimum maintenance. You can style fringe soft or choppy depending on your preference.

Side Swept Style

Long side-swept fringe are another great optical illusion you can try, to get a longer forehead. Have your stylist cut fringe so that they start out shorter on one side, giving a peek of your forehead, and getting longer across the face, eventually blending in with the rest of your hair on the other side. Style fringe with a blow-dryer or straightener and a smoothing serum to fight frizz. As with the pixie fringe, the side-swept style works with any hair length.

Pull Back

If you are not a fan of fringe, try having hair all one length and pulling it back and away from the forehead and face. This gives the illusion of a larger forehead, as the pulled-back sleek direction of the hair will elongate the forehead. This look doesn't mean you have to pull hair back in a ponytail all the time. You could opt for a half-up half-down look, or tease the crown and comb the front of your hair back and pin it up on the crown.

Men's Solution

Men with small foreheads are not without hope either. They typically have a triangle-shaped face, which means they have wide-set jaws and a smaller forehead. To balance out the smaller forehead, try and style hair thicker around the front of the forehead, and just a little down the sides, getting less thick as it gets to the wider jaw. This can mean doing thick, tousled, locks in the front, with a shorter cut all over the back and sides, or longer hair just at the hairline, that can be spiked up in the front.

Looks To Avoid

One look to avoid when dealing with a small forehead is long, blunt fringe. Blunt fringe tend to only point out just how small your forehead is. This is because with a small forehead, long fringe, that go just above the eyes, aren't really that long at all. They just accentuate forehead size.

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