Bridal hairstyles with tiaras

Updated February 21, 2017

Women want to look as beautiful as possible on their wedding day. It's common for brides to be concerned about their hair, which is why they often hire a professional to style their hair for the wedding. Often, the image of their ideal bridal look is that of a beautiful princess. One way to have a classic princess look is to wear a tiara in your hair. The issue with wearing a tiara is that the hair must be styled so that it looks elegant and not overdone. A tiara can work with long, medium-length or short hair.


An elegant and polished updo is a wedding classic. This hairstyle is generally suited to hair that is shoulder-length or longer. It is perfect for showcasing a tiara. The hair should be styled prior to putting on the tiara. Sweep your hair up and pin it into place using decorative clips that go with your bridal look. If you have fringe, smooth them to the side and pin them into place. The tiara should then be placed just before your fringe begin.

Long Curls

Long, flowing curls is another bridal hairstyle that works well with a tiara. It's a simple hairstyle that won't look overdone with the tiara. It's integral that your hair is shiny and healthy. This particular style looks best on someone who has hair that is at least 2 to 3 inches below the shoulders. It can be done whether or not you have naturally straight or curly hair. Use a large-barrel curling iron. The hair should first be parted in the middle. Curl your hair on the ends only. Place the tiara on the top of the head once you have curled it.

Side Ponytail

A unique bridal hairstyle with a tiara that is also a bit flashy and fun is a side ponytail. Your hair needs to be fairly long for this hairstyle---at least 3 to 4 inches past your shoulders at the minimum. It should also be styled in loose waves with some volume at the top. The ponytail itself will look best if it's a loose ponytail and is not too tight. Secure the ponytail with a tie or loosely with a rubber band and style the curls so that the rubber band is not visible. Tease the crown of your hair and smooth hair over the teased area. Place the tiara just in front of that part of your hair.

Medium-Length Hair

A tiara also looks nice on medium-length, wavy hair. Medium-length hair is usually right about shoulder-length. To showcase the tiara, keep hair relatively straight on top with volume and create waves toward the bottom of the hair. Part your hair in the middle. A floral tiara may add a bit more flair to this bridal hairstyle.

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