Hairstyles for Thick, Coarse Hair & a Round Face

Updated November 21, 2016

Hair texture and face shape are two major factors when it comes to picking the right hairstyle. Those with round faces (faces that are as wide as they are long) often want to make facial features like the cheekbones and chin seem more prominent while elongating the face. Thick, coarse hair often works well for styles that elongate the face, because it is easily cut into layered, graduated and fringed styles.

Short Crop

Short hairstyles add height to the crown, which elongates the face, according to Thick, coarse hair can be difficult to manage, so short styles cut back on styling time and the amount of product you need as well. Hair worn at chin length draws attention to a round face, so keep short styles above or just below the chin. Hair Boutique suggests a short cropped style to make the neck appear longer. However, warns against short-short crops with choppy fringe, as they can actually add weight to the face.


The gamin is a variation on a short crop, according to The gamin features hair cut short at the nape of the neck and longer hair near the crown. This look works best on those with very dense hair and can be worn wavy or straightened for a sleek look. The site suggests opting for a wispy variation on this style, such as sweeping the front to one side, if your face is round.

Graduated Bob

The graduated bob, sometimes called an inverted bob, is longer in the front and short in the back. This cut elongates the face and emphasises cheek bones, according to UK Hairdressers. This style looks good when it is voluminous, so it works well with coarse, thick hair. If your hair is curly or wavy, this style will use your curls to add height to your crown, making your face appear thinner, according to Hair Boutique.

Long Layers with Fringe

Just because your face is round doesn’t mean you have to stick with a short style, according to Hair Boutique. Long layers actually draw attention away from a round face while giving coarse, thick hair a lighter look. Layers keep long thick hair from looking too puffy. UK Hairdressers suggests adding long side-swept fringe to elongate the face and make cheekbones appear more prominent.

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