Hairstyles for Dance Performances

Updated November 21, 2016

All dance styles are different and for dancing performances, the hair must be styled accordingly. Generally, the hair is pulled out of the face so the dancer can see and keep coordinated through their performance, although some dancers choose to have their hair down. The hairstyle of the dancer during their dancing performance varies by dancer, song, instructor, style and tradition of the dancing.


The bun is the most common hairstyle for dancers during a performance. Worn high or low, this hairstyle keeps the hair pulled back away from the dancer's face and provides for a sleek and professional appearance. This hairstyle can be as simple or elegant as the dancer chooses. Ribbons or flowers can be added for additional beauty.

French Braid

Many dancers prefer the French braid hairstyle as it keeps the dancer's hair pulled back, but it gives the hair an elegant braided appearance making it appropriate for most dance styles. French braids are braids that lay flush with the top and back of the head and extend below the neck in one or two braids. Additions such as flowers and jewels can give this hairstyle a more sophisticated appearance.


The ponytail is a very commonly known hairstyle all over the world. The simplicity of the ponytail may complement the dance, or ribbons, hairpieces, flowers or jewels can be added to fit the dancer's personality and the style of the dance being performed. Pigtails can also be a fun way to keep the hair pulled from the dancer's face during performance and can be dressed up or down according to the needed complexity of the hairstyle.

Wearing It Down

Every dancer has a different type of hair. By keeping the hair down, the dancer can showcase his or her own personal style and uniqueness while still being able to dance and perform to full capacity. Clips, pins, headbands and other accessories can be added to the hairstyle to make it more interesting depending on the dancer's personal preference and the dance and dance style being performed.


Dancers can curl their hair for an elegant, more sophisticated look. Dancers with natural curl can emphasise their curls and show their natural beauty while dancers with naturally straight or wavy hair can showcase new looks that is both different but familiar. Curls are a good hairstyle for any style of dance but can add a very soft, subtle look to slower styles of dancing such as ballet, modern or lyrical.

Funky Hair

Funky hairstyles work well with many dance styles from modern to hip hop. Dancers can tease their hair for a crazy, outlandish look adding streaks of colour, spikes, braids or any other fun twist that fits the dancer's personality or song choice.

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