Hairstyles for Men With Long, Fine Hair

Updated April 17, 2017

Men now have more options when it comes to their hair type. Gone are the days when they had only two acceptable haircuts--short or none at all. Nowadays men can grow their hair long and even style it. Longer hair length for men now ranges from past the ear to shoulder-length or longer.

Texture and Layers

One option for men with long fine hair is to layer it and give it volume. This begins with a good layered haircut that should give it body, movement and texture. At home men can maintain their new haircut to ensure that it lives up to its fullest potential. Boost hair by applying some hair gel and then use a good brush to style it. Brush hair with extra attention to the roots. This is important because it allows fine hair to receive root lift for extra volume. Also, another option to give height to the roots is parting the hair with a side part, instead of a centre one.

Bed Head Hairstyle

This option is an easy style to achieve for men with long hair, because it is a pretty effortless look to pull off. The point of this hairstyle is to have a controlled sloppy appearance. Apply a dab of pomade to your hair and message it through your head. There is no need to comb your hair beforehand, since you want to take advantage of the natural messiness of your hair. This hairstyle can be done before or after the shower. The style works best for men with medium long hair, and may prove to be more difficult for men with hair past their shoulders. Also, this look best complements men with oval or diamond faces.

Rocker Hairstyle

This hairstyle is commonly seen on male rock stars, from Joe Jonas to a modified version on Keith Urban. The key component to this hairstyle is the razor cut that gives the hair layers and makes it flair up at the ends, creating a wispy appearance. This hairstyle typically works best with shoulder-length hair. This soft cut can be made more dramatic by adding more layers, depending on personal preference. If the man has wavy hair, make sure to straighten it out with a hair straightener for a cleaner look. Apply hairspray to keep this style secure.

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