Things to do with bob haircuts

Updated February 21, 2017

The bob haircut is a chic and sleek style that takes the hair up to chin-length, exposing and elongating the neck. Women who are not afraid of a short 'do can wear the bob in a variety of ways. With different styling opportunities to choose from, it is important to remember that short haircuts are not low- or no-maintenance. It takes effort and styling products to achieve the perfect bob.

The back stack

Classic bobs keep your hair the same length all the way around, but a back stack bob adds volume to the back of your hair while maintaining the longness of the front pieces. With a back stack bob, your hair will start out being chin-length in the front and gradually become shorter towards the back. Rather than having long pieces in the back of your 'do, your hair will be stacked short with very small layers. Sometimes, a stylist has to use trimmers to clean up the back of your stacked bob so that the edges are neat against your neck. Be warned, this hairstyle exposes the entire back of your neck.


Whether you have straight, curly or wavy hair, cutting layers into your bob will give your hair more bounce, movement and texture. A layered bob keeps the longest layer at the chin's length and moves upwards with the layers getting shorter from there. This creates a fullness effect, adding volume to your style. To make your layers stand out more -- and not get lost in the bob -- you might need to use a texturising product, such as pomade, mousse or spray. Additionally, you might want to blow dry your layered bob with a round brush to really accentuate the layers when they fall dry.


You can make a classic bob look even classier by adding straight, eyebrow-length fringe. Cutting fringe helps to frame your face, which works well with particular face shapes. For instance, if you have an oval face you will want to keep your fringe straight in the front, with longer pieces on the edges. People with round faces can do a square cut that curves down on the sides. Make sure you know your face shape to decide what style fringe would look best with your bob.

The long bob

A long bob maintains the shape of the classic bob, but falls somewhere between the shoulders and the chin, making it longer than the iconic bob haircut. People enjoy the long bob -- also known as the "lob" -- because it gives them that chic look while still being able to tie their hair back into a short ponytail. With a long bob, you might try out different parts for your hair, such as parting your bob dramatically to one side, putting the other side behind your ear. Or, you can accomplish a half-up, half-down hairstyle with hair clips.


Although bobs are short hairstyles, they allow ample room for accessorising. A cute headband or workout band can sit properly behind your ears, while your long bob layers in the front fall towards your face. Or, set a delicate pin, comb or flower in your hair on the side.

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