Medium-length layered hairstyles

Updated July 20, 2017

Medium-length, layered hairstyles can be a flattering look for women, regardless of age or face shape. The medium-length haircut is versatile because it isn't too long or too short, giving a look that is the best of both worlds. Medium-length, layered haircuts also are the easiest to maintain, requiring less time between salon visits than many short hair or long hairstyles.

The Shag

The shag is a cut that flatters almost any face shape. It's a versatile look that can be worn straight, wavy or curly and can be pulled back for a more put-together look. Shag cuts are comprised of asymmetrical ends that layer well and fall in clean lines around the face. A shag looks best on hair that reaches the collar bone or slightly lower, and also on slightly shorter, mid-length hair.

The Bob

Bobs are another common style for mid-length hair. Curled bobs look best with layers placed around the ends so that the curls can flip outward. With a graduated bob, the layers are trimmed slightly shorter in the back, graduating to longer layers in the front, creating more body control. Both styles create the illusion of longer hair in the front, with short hair in the back. This look has been a popular style since the 1920s when short hair on women was almost as prohibited as alcohol.

The Blunt Cut

Blunt cuts are also a medium-length, layered style that is versatile. Blunt cuts work best on fine or thin hair because the cut will add texture and volume to otherwise flat hair. Blunt cuts can flatter any age group as well because the cut can be worn in a variety of ways, from curly and wild to straight and classic. This cut is common with mom's or women who live hectic lifestyles that do not leave much room for styling their hair.

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Many women choose to add texture and layers to mid-length hair by adding fringe to a medium cut. This is a way to add layers without cutting much hair or putting too much texture into the haircut. Additionally, cutting fringe can change a haircut almost instantly. Women choose to wear fringe in a variety of ways They can be worn long to add a slight layer in the front, or worn shorter for a trendier look. Many people choose to cut their fringe to be worn wispy and light, while others cut them thick and heavy for a dramatic look.

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