Shoulder Length Bob Styles

The bob is a classic short hairstyle that usually features hair cut straight around the head at jaw length, according to Bob Hairstyles. Such cuts frame the face and can be featured with or without fringe. Shoulder length bobs are a variation of this classic cut and can include blunt cuts as well as versions of the staple A-line bob cut.

A-Line Bob

A-line shoulder-length bob hairstyles often feature a centre over part with the ends brushed towards the face. These bobs are flattering to nearly all face shapes, according to Latest Hairstyles, and work well on those with medium to thin hair. Jenny McCarthy and Jennie Garth are celebrities with A-line bobs.

Choppy, Blunt Bob

Choppy, blunt bobs are a variation of the classic bob look. They often feature short, blunt fringe, which are useful for disguising large foreheads and softening facial features. The blunt, layered sides of this bob narrow the face and draw more attention to the cut itself, according to Latest Hairstyles.

Bob with Bangs

Bobs with fringe can be angled and swept to the side. Fringe, one length bangs are also an option. These fringe may be paired with one length bobs that frame the face and bring attention to the cheekbones and eyes. They can act as the focus of the cut with hair thinned on the sides in layers that eventually touch the shoulders. Celebrities Katie Holmes has a fringe bang bob, while Nicole Richie features the side-swept shoulder length bob.

Victoria Beckham Bob

Former Spice Girl and wife of soccer star David Beckham, Victoria Beckham has a special shoulder length bob. It differs from other bob cuts. It is a sharper cut suitable for those with more angled facial features with shorter layers in the back and longer, shoulder-touching layers in the front. The layers gradually get longer from back to front. Layers are used to frame the face with a side part.

All One Length

Shoulder length bobs that are all one length feature a centre part with no fringe and are blown out to frame the face. Actress Gwyneth Paltrow sports this type of bob.

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