The best dress style for a size 14 woman

Updated April 17, 2017

In 2009, the average American woman weighed 73.9 Kilogram and wore a size 14. Despite the demand for fashionable, flattering clothing to fit an average woman's body, many ladies still struggle to find cute dresses. Look carefully at the fabric, colour and shape of a dress to ensure that it shows off your curves and makes you look your best.


Choose a dress made from a high-quality fabric to flatter your figure. If you wear size 14, avoid dresses made from polyester, charmeuse and other fabrics that cling to your body. Stretchy, clingy fabrics often make your body look bigger. Also steer away from shiny fabrics like satin, which may draw attention to your stomach or other problem areas. Instead, find dresses made of cotton, organza, silk and other more forgiving fabrics. These dresses accentuate your curves and look great on your larger frame.


Many size 14 women seek black dresses to create the illusion of a slim physique. While basic black can flatter larger figures, do not confine yourself to a lifetime of boring, drab dresses. Choose a solid-coloured dress in red, blue or another bold colour. If you like to wear prints, find dresses with a cohesive pattern. Taller women may be able to pull off a larger print, while shorter women should stick to a smaller print size. Break up the all-over print look by wearing a solid-coloured jacket or accessorising with a large belt.


Find a dress that flatters your frame. If you have a larger bust, choose a sheath dress to accentuate your chest while showing off the rest of your body. Women with a curvier size 14 figure should look for wrap dresses. Define your midsection by finding a belt that creates a flattering waistline. All size 14 women should avoid baggy, shapeless clothing. While you may think that a baggy dress will hide your larger figure, it may actually draw more attention to your size. Choose structured, classic silhouettes to show off your great curves.


Almost as important as finding a flattering dress is what you wear with it. Consider going to a department or lingerie store to have a professional determine your bra size. Wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause your breasts to look saggy or squished. After finding the perfect bra, carefully choose your accessories before going out. Find larger jewellery to go with your dress, and carry a large bag. Selecting small accessories can make you look bigger than your size 14 frame.

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