Kids Long Hairstyles

Updated April 17, 2017

Longer hairstyles continue to be fashionable for girls and, with the recent popularity of young male musicians with long hair, they have become trendy for boys as well. Kids with longer hair may find it more difficult and time consuming to wash, detangle and maintain their style, but they also have the luxury of being able to style their hair in numerous ways without repeat visits to the salon.

Girls' Straight Styles

Girls with straight hair can choose from a variety of hairstyles. Cutting their hair in blunt line will give them a timeless, sleek look. Adding longer layers to straight hair can create movement, which can make the hair look thicker. You can also enhance the volume by allowing the hair to air dry in big Velcro curlers. Longer hairstyles look great with both middle and side parts as well as with or without fringe.

Boys' Straight Styles

Since Justin Bieber came out with his first music video, his famous long hair has been copied by boys everywhere. Justin's carefully combed long do, complete with side-swept fringe, is one of the most popular styles requested by young boys. Shaggy hair cuts are also trendy for young boys and are easy to maintain because they look great regardless of whether they are gelled and sleekly groomed or messy and wind-swept.

Girls Wavy and Curly Styles

Wavy hair is ideal for almost all hair styles because it has volume and movement while still being manageable. Girls with very curly hair, however, are somewhat limited in the styles they can choose from. Curly hair has to be cut in layers or else it will look heavy at the ends. Layers will also allow curls to look bouncy, rather than weighed down. With very few exceptions, girls with curly hair should also avoid having fringe because they can be uncontrollable.

Boys' Curly Styles

Boys with curly hair should also add layers to their hair to avoid their head looking like a pyramid with all the volume at the ends. The layers can also get rid of some of the volume from their hair so it can be more manageable. Boys can add gel or mousse to tame and add definition to their curls. Also, avoid brushing curly hair while it is dry to keep it from looking frizzy.

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